"(B)enis?" - Private Swad Pufflefoot, 2045

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Private Swad Pullefoot, to live is to serve my country. I wipe asat.

Private Swad Puddleffot, on duty.
Private Swad Puddlefoot, heed.

Swad Puddlefoot at desk, 1955, colorized

Do you like that frog song????

He lives and learns...

Fun facts about me:

  • I've been trying to pass my driver's exam for over 2 years now. I haven't got any closer.

  • I prefer my instant noodles dry, with a tablespoon of vinegar.

  • Once, I DIY'd a mandola out of spare wood, some nails and a broken sled.

  • Once, I animated a pornographic Source Filmmaker video and uploaded it to rule34.xxx

  • I've enjoyed reindeer meat in a free burger.

  • Once, I animated a semi-pornographic Source Filmmaker video, uploaded it to youtube and it never got banned. Many years later, I've taken it down myself because of agonizing cringe.

  • Your statement/comment/ad/whatever could be right here on this list just for 5.99$!!!

  • What if we kissed on a spawn of the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft???

  • One man drowned and another died in a car accident. I've never seen other dead human bodies. NOT a fun fact.

  • Update on the last fun fact! There's a war in my country now, so yeah...

  • I have an overwhelming feeling of deja-vu whenever I play the first Bioshock game.

  • Balding!

  • Þetta heimur er byggður með beinum og kjóti.

  • Swad Puddlefoot, Swad Puddlefoot.

i got dumb and troublesome by watching late night television as a kid